“I would definitely recommend my kitchen and bath to anyone that needs a remodeling done for there bathroom or kitchen. They made me gain trust in them off my first visitation and the outcome of my kitchen was excellent just like I wanted it to be, Thanks you guys so much.”

Jenny Reyes

“I’ve saved up money for almost ten years and decided that I shouldn’t spend any of that money unless it was to start remodeling my home since nothing has been updated since the early 90’s. I had trouble finding a company that l was fulfilled with until my neighbor asked me to stop by her home which was being remodeled and showed me the work being done.”

Jordan Smith

“I am so pleased with the work that was done in my home that I had to write a great review! It took me awhile to finally decide who I wanted to hire for a job well done and I don’t regret choosing My Kitchen and Bath at all. First of all, I really appreciate John for the design ideas; I loved them.”

Amna Gibreel

“My husband and I were very pleased with My Kitchen and Bath! Things turned out great and everything was done within the time that we were told. They also did a fantastic job cleaning up each day, I would definitely recommend them to others! John was a great designer to work with and really helped guide us through the whole remodeling process. ”

Bath Tub Design by My Kitchen and Bath
Susan Knepper